So it seems you've reached my homepage. "Me", that's the guy you can read about in the about me-page.
The thing about homepages is, they tend to provide an image of the owner that is completely biased towards the things she/he wants you to know about her/him.
This is one of these homepages. Altough I use it mainly as my "I need to put this stuff somewhere or it'll just rot on my hard drive" page. I'm not sure what that tells you about me. Probably that I'm a geek. Fair enough, but that's only half the story...

a word about languages

Most stuff on this site is in English. But since that's not my native language, please excuse the casual slip in grammar, style or orthography. Also you might stumble upon a few German words here and there (since that incidentally is my native language). Even worse, I'm known to resort to cryptic languages from time to time, designed specifically not to be understood by any sane person. Hence you might also encounter pieces of Südtirolerisch, geek language or general internet slang whilst browsing these pages. And I've been told that I tend to use a lot of cryptic metaphores that don't make sense to anyone but me. Sorry for that, that's just the way I am.
So should you encounter anything you don't understand, feel free to ask google, babelfish or jeeves. However, as a general rule, quote 58 applies.

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19 April 2010

So yeah, I'm back. As in, both from my time abroad in England, and back here, doing updates. Well, one update, actually. And to be perfectly honest, it's an update concerning England. Well, sort of. Well... completely.

Without much further ado, I give you ANNEA. At least that's what I call it. Unofficially. Officially it's probably called something like "my coursework for the CY4F8 module I took in Reading". So you see, 'annea' is quite nicer in comparison. It's actually much too nice a name for something that - I'm not gonna lie - was the product of some hacks. And a lot of sweat. Oh, and I swore, some times, as well. But I sorta liked parts of doing it (yeah, I know, it's what she said). I'm not very satisfied with my results. According to the literature I could've done so much better. But... you know... let's not moan about the past.

Lets talk about the future. I like to refer to it to my spineless future, for reasons I neither want nor really allow myself to get into. It's just that. And maybe it's just a phase. Really hope so. But you see, now that this 'write something cryptic' part of the update is done as well, I'm all good to go. To bed, as it is ;)

08 January 2010

I'm still there, no worries. But I'm basically only using this website as a way to keep track of the books I've read. But yeah, Happy New Year and all that.

who's following me on facebook (and who isn't, really) knows that I'm spending most of my time in Reading, UK these days. Oh well, I would be, but shitloads of white stuff falling from the sky seems to have something else planned for me. So anyways, since Facebook doesn't want me to post fuckloads of tl;dr as a status update, I'll step out of my comfort zone and tell you on my homepage:

Since I'm stuck here for another few days I thought I'd reorganize my bookshelf. Most of the textbooks and some novels I own are in Linz, but still I've got about 20 textbooks and 60 novels here (that's a shitload of dead trees -- and money). Anyways, time for some favourites I've encountered on said shelf:

Favourite Textbook: though one, most of them are in Linz. I own most of my enthusiasm to math to George Polya's "Schule des Denkens", so I'll pick that (alltough you can argue that it's not a textbook at all).

Favourite Classic: "Die Leiden des jungen Werther", Goethe

Favourite historic book: The Art of War, Sun Tsu

Favourite book series: The Hitchhiker's Guide (altough that's in Linz right now, but still)

Favourite book bought in 2009: "I play the drums in a band called okay" by Toby Litt. But that's in Reading right now, so I'll go with "Instructions for living someone else's life" from Mil Millington.

Favourite poem-book: "Il momento é catartico" by Flavio Oreglio

Best book I never bothered finishing: Catch 22, Joseph Heller (you could argue the category is a catch 22 in itself).

Worst book: That's a tie between Cryptonomicon (Neil Stephenson) and the 2nd part of the Otherland-series (Tad Williams).

Colour of the cover of most favourite books: yellow (All books from Matt Ruff I own are yellow plus "Todesmarsch" by Richard Bachmann (a.k.a. Steven King)).

Anyone feel like sharing their lists?

23 July 2009

So after about 1 hour of hacking I'm actually able to upload images to this thing. I'm surprised. Was easier than I thought. Way easier, considering that one hour included the time it took to download a webserver and php. The people who know my current surfing condition knows what that means :(

Also, people who know the current stage of my plans for the summer will be able to guess why I did this. So yes, if time and possibilities allow it, I will write about it. Somewhere. But you have to find it, everything else would be way to easy, wouldn't it ;) ... well, it's too easy anyways. Good luck!

25 May 2009


(the hint is in the date)

17 May 2009

Backend-Change ;)

25 April 2009

What a great way of spending a hangover-free saturday. After weeks of moaning over my mobile phone's inability to store more than ~1k SMS, I was fed up to the point to do some serious coding: store_sms took longer to write that it should have. Which is akward, I never tought of myself as being that kind of guy. But then again, most people seem to miss what kind of guy I am. Which is a shame really, considering all the lost smells.

20 March 2009

Today seems to be the day of Q 122. Not sure if that's not a not-so-bad thing. Oh, and don't worry!

06 January 2009

Oh well, seems like it's been some time. There's been some partying, worrying and living in general. Actually, it seems like my 'me getting a life' has not only caught up, but actually surpassed my need to.
So for now suffice it to say that there's a new version of lsystem in town, but mainly because I had to ;)

26 October 2008

My jabber-account moved from jabber.org to jabber.ccc.de. So if you want to contact me via jabber (which is actually the best way to contact me) please do so via Blue-Tiger@jabber.ccc.de. Jabber.org had way to much downtime recently, and on top of that it is situated in north-america; I figured choosing a provider closer to my real location makes more sense; but since most of my contacts are located at jabber.org, most of my communication still has to make a transatlantic round-trip (yes people, I mean YOU! and I seriously hope you catch my drift!).

Admittetly I am somewhat aware we're in the 21. century by now, and that personal homepages nowadays are mostly blogs, with the odd wiki here and there. Still I have no intention of converting this site into a blog-centered thing. Given that I am neither a hooker, a member of the C++ Standards committee or simply visiting norway, let alone drawing an awesome webcomic (which nicely sums up almost all of the blogs I visit regularly) I don't think anyone would be too interested in what I have to rant about - also because I mostly rant about the same stuff all day long, so after one post respectivly for Windows, ICQ, Skype and people who can't appreciate math I'd quite run out of topics (and if you want to hear me whine about personal & private topics, you can just meet me in IRC or when I'm wasted IRL). So NO, it's not gonna happen. Stop asking about it!

24 October 2008

Hmm... somehow my last newspost got deleted... If someone's got a backup, it'd be appreciated.

But anyways -- as you can see, the site now features a new layout and is entirely in english. Hope you like it. ;)